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Synurgize - Absorption Activator

Liquid AMS Replacement

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Synurgize - Absorption Activator

SYNURGIZE, the premier AMS replacement, will replace  Ammonium Sulfate (Dry AMS) with any herbicide that calls for it...Glyphosate, Distinct, Marksman, Accent, and Assure just to name a few.

Key Benefits

  • Replaces dry AMS (Ammonium Sulfate)

  • Drift control and de-foamer built in

  • Low use rate, 1 -2 quarts / 100 gallons of water

  • Synurgize WORKS...even under stressful conditions!!

  • Synurgize is NOT "just another water conditioner" is an absorption activator...give it a try and see!

  • Test Results

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