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Get rid of that pesky AMS...switch to Synurgize Click to find out more about NZone Nitrogen Management Aid Plant health?  This will help build strong roots, stimulate growth, and increase yields! Click to visit AgXplore International AgXplore Logo


    Low use, liquid AMS Replacement with drift control
    and de-foaming capabilities (with proven results!)

    Foliar Fertilizer
    NUTRIPAK is a 8-10-2 complete nutrient package with proprietary ingredients that support advanced plant development.
    NUTRIPAK can be applied foliar, in-furrow or as a seed treatment. 

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    Phosphorous Managemtn Aid
    Prevent with CrossLink Technology is a phosphorus management aid that helps prevent P fixation in the soil and enhances P uptake. Prevent increases phosphorus availability and efficiency.

    8-0-0 Humic Acid Compound - Stubble Digester
    A Liquid Leonardite Adjuvant

    NZone / NZone Max
    (Urea / UAN)

    Nitrogen Management Aid
    Not just a Nitrogen Stabilizer!

    (that doesn't take your nitrogen hostage!)

    NZone GL
    NZone GL
    Nitrogen Management Aid
    Not just a Nitrogen Stabilizer!
    (NON Corrosive, NON Flammable!!)



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